Company Overview

Company Overview

The Indaptus Goal is Simple: to Cure Disease

With the ability to harness both the body’s innate and adaptive immune responses, we believe we are uniquely positioned to revolutionize the treatment of cancer and certain infectious diseases.  

Building on the observation that tumor regression can occur in the setting of bacterial infection, we have developed a proprietary platform that exploits bacteria’s natural ability to activate both innate and adaptive cellular immune pathways. Leveraging our novel insights into the levels and ratios of activating signals needed to safely elicit a broad immune response, we are creating and advancing a pipeline of proprietary, attenuated and killed non-pathogenic gram-negative bacterial candidates designed to be widely accessible, with broad anti-tumor and anti-viral activity.

The Indaptus Approach

Indaptus Approach

Goal: to safely and effectively activate both innate and adaptive cellular anti-tumor pathways by passively targeting both the tumor and  immune organs.

Our candidates, including our lead candidate Decoy20, have demonstrated, in pre-clinical studies, the ability to elicit single-agent activity and durable anti-tumor responses in the combination setting against colorectal, hepatocellular, pancreatic carcinoma, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in standard pre-clinical models. We believe that our Decoy candidates are unique in their ability to synergize with each of a wide variety of existing therapies, including checkpoint therapy and targeted antibodies, to produce durable anti-tumor responses against established tumors, with induction of both innate and adaptive immunological memory. 

Based on these positive pre-clinical results to date, we have initiated our first Phase 1 clinical trial in December 2022 and dosed our first patient in March 2023.

Indaptus in headquartered in New York City. Our stock trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol “INDP.”

Join Us!

We have assembled a team of experts driven to make much more than incremental progress for patients – to actually develop cures. Committed to doing well by doing good, we are building a corporate culture that values inclusivity, intellectual honesty, and open communication. If interested in joining Indaptus, please contact us at

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